About Fargher Air Safaris

Fargher Air provides scenic and charter flights throughout the Flinders Ranges and Outback in both Fixed Wing Aircraft and Helicopters. With our extensive knowledge of these areas, we have designed a number of flights and packages to suit all interests.

Our modern high-wing Cessna aircraft, either the 206 Stationair (5 passenger), or the 208 Grand Caravan (9 passenger), allows us to cover vast distances over rugged and often unforgiving terrain in comfort, speed and safety. Whilst the views aloft are unforgettable, the aircraft enables us to reach places that would otherwise take days, or even weeks by road, which at times of flood, can be totally inaccessible. Our experienced and local pilots thrive on sharing their knowledge and love of the land with their guests while both in the air and on the ground. Fargher Air offers not only a flight but a once in a lifetime experience!

Flights generally depart Leigh Creek, a true gateway to the Outback. Leigh Creek is a short drive up the highway from Parachilna and has all the essential facilities from a Foodland to a medical centre. At the Leigh Creek Airport we have our very own, exclusive, departure terminal with complimentary tea and coffee available.

Fargher Air offers exclusive packages including Flights, Transfers, Tours, Meals and Accommodation through the Prairie Hotel, Parachilna. Fargher Air/Prairie Hotel accommodation and flight packages offer a great option for those without a 4WD or those preferring not to traverse the unsealed roads.

For a truly unique experience our aircraft and pilots are available for private charter. We can tailor a package to suit your individual needs, interest and budget.

Weather permitting and at your pilot’s discretion you will enjoy your safari from low altitude. Flying between 500 – 1000 feet provides ultimate viewing and appreciation of the landscape and birdlife, enhanced by your pilot’s informed inflight conversation. All passengers get a window seat and all aircraft are high winged, a great advantage for visibility and photography.

This year our friends at Aerostar will be operating under the Fargher Air banner right from the doorstep of the Prairie Hotel at Parachilna! Our Heli-Tours have a number of flights ranging from 5 minutes that provides an aerial view of Parachilna, to a Heli Picnic Lunch perfect for soaking up views of the Flinders Ranges while sipping on a glass of our ‘Flinders Range’ sparkling, or a Fargher Larger, and indulging in picnic from the famous Prairie Hotel.

Helistar operate using a Robinson R44, a safe and practical helicopter known for its comfort and great visibility – no matter what seat you’re in. Perfect for photography with or without doors (subject to conditions and pilot discretion). The R44 is equipped with personal headsets for you to enjoy your pilot’s in depth commentary.

More information to follow.


Fargher Air flights are conducted under the Aerostar Air Operator’s Certificate (No. C443668), Helistar AOC (No. C585948) or Blinman Scenic Flights AOC (No. C550249) depending on aircraft availability.


Individual passenger weights are a legal and safety requirement. Weights must be provided at point of sale. Please note that passenger weight limitations may apply.

For multi day flights, each passenger has a baggage allowance of 10kg maximum.

All flight lengths advertised are approximate. Flight lengths will vary depending on aircraft type and conditions on the day.

Every effort will be made to fulfil your booking, however, all flights are subject to weather conditions, operational needs and pilot discretion. In the event of a cancellation, a full refund will be issued.

Our flight prices are subject to change. Fuel levies may be added if required.